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50 cars needed.

We need 50 cars for a campaign starting in May.

21st Century Business Exposure

Empire Media is an Advertising, Broadcasting, Communications and Marketing company. We take the brands to the people and engage with the right target market. Mobile advertising is the solution to get your product or brand to get much needed attention across to the right people. Empire Media brings you vehicle branding as the best form of advertising. We connect advertisers with the vehicle owners in order for the campaign to be a success. Bluetooth Advertising to Mobile devices using Bluetooth Marketing Device is one of the new ways to get ahead of your competitors, Bluetooth Marketing will reduce costs and increase the return on investment compared to your usual advertising techniques. We bring you the latest brand exposure strategies.

Brand Exposure

Let us take care of the marketing and advertising of your business. We have expertise who can turn your low volume of customers to a large traffic. Vehicle branding is the next big thing in the marketing industry. Its mobile and and unique. It covers a large area within a day or months getting your business or brand a good attention. We have all sorts of vehicles to advertise on, starting from just a rear window up to full vehicle covered. Bluetooth advertising will get your message across to all cellphone users in the designated area. Cell phones are personal and powerful, adverts gets recieved instantly.

Make Money Driving Your Own Car Everyday

You can make a lot of money driving your car the way you do it everyday. You can make up to R3000pm on your car depending on various factors. We get advertisers and brand owners to advertise on your car. We facilitate the wrapping process and pay you according to the campaign and its duration. There are some incentives if you cover a lot of distance in a certain given time. Imagine what you can do with that extra money just by displaying the adverts on your car, you can pay off your studies, helps you pay the car finance, buy groceries. This is also a great opportunity to associate yourself with great brands out there. If you always wanted to be an ambassador of some businesses out there this is your chance. From time to time we get different campaigns and you may be choosen. Register your details on our database and wait for the call when we find the right advertiser for you.